Oh Well! Best laid plans etc.

Perhaps I was being a bit over optimistic to think it would be done by Summer but the new album is proving a bigger task than expected. Drum tracks are progressing nicely and I now have a number of guest musicians on board ready to do their magic. I simply cannot choose which tracks to include and which to leave for later plus I keep getting ideas for new material. With regards to the guest players I am really excited that an old friend of mine from Essex has agreed to play "Steel Guitar" on one of the more country tracks and two other friends who are local have agreed to do Bass and Lead Guitar so it is all building momentum. If I am totally honest I think realistically the launch will now be Autumn but keep watching the blog for any changes and I'll put a date on as soon as I can! C.

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Hurrah! I have started to get the vocals recorded although its very limited progress so far as this heat is just too much for my poor little air conditioning unit. But will keep you posted! C

Spring is always a time for new beginnings but when you are working on an album of your own material which has been in the melting pot for over three years you long for the end to be near. And it is!!