Spring has sprung and the album moves up gear!

Spring is always a time for new beginnings but when you are working on an album of your own material which has been in the melting pot for over three years you long for the end to be near. And it is!! well nearly, let's just say its in sight. With the final track list sorted and still a few tracks to succumb to the editors floor Joe Harris has been hard at work on them in between appearing at the C2C festival and at the moment touring in the midlands. He's back next week and has promised to get stuck into the remainder.

As I was working through the track list I was constantly being reminded "why am I doing this (at my age)". Well there's a whole list of answers. If Keith Richards can look and play as he does and I'm a baby compared then why not. No seriously this alum has gone through a whole metamorphic process. It started out as a protest them morphed into a "Praise and Worship"! But now I am letting it stand for what it is with no pigeon holing. People can just take what they hear and like it or loth it, I don't really mind. Its my testimony, my outpouring of emotion at a very emotional time and the only audience I want to like it is "the Audience of One". Theres a mixture of styles trying to please as many different members of the community, everything from Heavy Rock through a little C&W, then some R&B and then some Latino Rock, all styles I love playing. Lyicley it is my Praise and Worship and anyone wants to have a go at using some of it there will be a songbook."Jack of all trades master of none" well thats for you to decide I really do not mind. Ive had a blast writing it and I hope he likes it! More to follow:

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